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Something isn’t right with the way we’re dying in Western culture.
What if we had death all wrong? We’re disappointed with how death has been happening.
What if we could course correct while there’s still time? Death/losing loved ones is the #1 fear in the world right now—but does it need to be? Human beings have been dying since the beginning of time, so when did we start running from it?

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Before funeral homes, the family was involved in creating and carrying out deathcare arrangements, but currently, we’ve institutionalized one of the most important rites of passage in our culture: Death. Families are relieved to regain power when it comes to making decisions based on their loved one’s final wishes rather than being grief-stricken and handing it over to an undertaker. The undertaker who has traditionally come to take away a body, saying, “We’ll take care of it,” is an outdated model.

Exit Strategy: from scared to sacred delves into the death positive movement at full force; not shying away from the "taboo" conversation of Death. 

The filmmakers of exit strategy believe that given the chance and the information, people will choose to take End of Life practices into their own hands; fulfilling the wishes of their loved ones, as well as having their own wishes understood and celebrated. 

Join us on our Death positive journey!

Yuliya Lanina's art of a woman with flowers

Illustration by Yuliya Lanina


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